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Q: What is XScell?


XScell is a team of physicists, scientists and engineers with decades of experience in designing, building, commissioning and operating linear accelerators and complete systems. Throughout our careers we have built systems operating at X-, S- and L-band frequencies with a wide range of energies and peak and average power to fulfill the needs of industry, medicine and research.

Q: What is the history behind XScell?


XScell was founded by technical partnership of Russell Schonberg, Bill Green and Robert “Bob!!” Wurster in 2008. Mike Hernandez worked initially as a consultant and has now joined fulltime in 2009. This group and the consultants associated with XScell have worked together through many companies and endeavors. The beginning of the various relationships dates back to SHM Corporation founded by “Russ” on others in 1966. In 1970 Russell Schonberg founded Schonberg Radiation Corporation which later became Schonberg Research Corporation or SRC in 1995. While running SRC Russ was involved in the founding of Accuray Oncology in 1989 and IntraOp Oncology in 1993. SRC has designed and fabricated possibly the largest number of custom accelerator systems by a US company. SRC has also provided unique compact and portable accelerators for medical, industrial and security applications.


In 1998 SRC was sold to American Science & Engineering (AS&E) forming the High Energy Systems Division HESD. The HESD group produced a number of accelerator systems for medical, industrial and scientific applications utilizing X- and S-Band.

HESD was then sold to Accuray Oncology in 2005, and the focus of products became X-Band medical.

Throughout these years many, many projects have been completed and bonds formed between the people of XScell and the accelerator communities for industry, medicine, scientific and academic areas. Almost all of us have worked for, have worked with, or have ties to the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center SLAC, now known as Stanford National Accelerator Center. We have had the honor and fortune to work with people such as the late Hank DeRuyter, Ted Roumbanis and Jim Weaver, all of whom were very influential in the fields of microwave technology and accelerators. We also have ongoing relationships with current members of SLAC such as Roger Miller, Ron Akre and others from industry such as Richard R Smith.

After all of the history sketched above, a core group has re-united to pursue the goal of producing the best possible electron linear accelerators at X- and S-Band thus the name X- S- cell or “XScell.” We may also produce L-Band systems again if the need arises. We all have enjoyed building the various accelerators and systems and are very passionate about our work. We are now back together doing what we love the way we want.

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