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Mike Hernandez

A experimental physicist with experience as production manager and CEO



  • XScell Corp.      Mountain View, CA     2009
  • L-3 California Tube Lab.        Watsonville, CA     2005 - 2009
  • Accuray, Inc.     Sunnyvale, CA     2005
  • American Science & Engineering     Mountain View, CA     2003 - 2005


  • Designed, manufactured and high power tested magnetrons 2-18GHz for commercial, medical and military applications
  • Designed, manufactured and tested X-band linear accelerators
  • Transferred linac production from AS&E to Accuray
  • Improved delivery, yield, and performance
  • Designed and manufactured S-Band and X-Band linear accelerator systems
  • Improved existing X-band linac design to increase dose output by 50%
  • Designed 9-15MeV split linac system for high energy Radiography
  • Designed, built and commissioned 7MeV variable pulse length electron beam system pulse/current range 4uS/400mA-10nS/1A


  • Designed and built complete 30MeV S-Band RF Photo-Injector at Stanford Synchrotron Radiation Lab
  • Built several Photocathode and Thermionic RF guns, designed and built beam transport and diagnostic system including wire-scanner, OTR, SLAC chromate, and normal incidence YAG screens, Emittance measurement system, spectrometer, Faraday Cups and current monitoring systems.
  • Incorporated new oscillator and Regenerative amplifier, solved B-integral issues, improved IR, green and UV output and quality.
  • Worked at SUNSHINE 30MeV facility at Stanford, producing femto-second electron bunches to produce Coherent TeraHertz Radiation using a thermionic RF gun, Alpha magnet and Linac.
  • Developed, simulated and measured new theory on electron beam dynamics (4-Dimensional Trace Space Analysis)
  • Use EGUN, PARMELA, TRANSPORT, and MAD simulation codes for accelerators.


MS, PhD Stanford, Physics    BS University of New Mexico, Physics and Applied Mathematics

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