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Q: What services does XScell Corp provide?


XScell designs, manufactures and can test X-Band, S-Band, and L-Band Linear Accelerators, both traveling and standing wave,and associated microwave components.


Q: What systems have XScell Corp personnel provided?


We cannot post the hundreds of photographs of systems our staff has built. Some of the most notable are:

S-Band SLAC-type Traveling Wave Linacs for the injectors of:

  • Argonne National Laboratory, 200MeV, 4 structures at 2856MHz
  • Frescatti National Lab, 550MeV, 10 structures at 2998MHz
  • White Sands Missile Range, 20MeV, one structure at 2856MHz with integrated buncher
  • RPC Industries, 2MeV, 10 kW average power e-beam Traveling Wave Linac

L-Band Traveling Wave sections for

IRT, Sterigenics, Boeing, 14MeV

X-Band Standing wave linacs

Our combined experience has produced over one hundred with energies from 3.5 to 12 MeV

S-Band Standing wave structures

  • Several with energies from 6 to 9 MeV
  • S-Band 1.5 Cell RF gun
  • UCLA, one

S-Band RF photocathode guns

1.6 Cell units of the SLAC/BNL/UCLA type, two systems

Thermionic RF gun

YALE, one

Extensive experience with femto-second electron pulse generation, measurement and manipulation (Stanford SUNSHINE Facility)

Extensive experience with High Peak Power lasers and timing for RF photocathode operations

Q: What are XScell Corp current projects?



Currently we are working on:

  • X-Band: 4, 6, 9 and 12 MeV for Medical Linacs applications
  • S-Band: 6 and 9 MeV Linacs for Home Land Security applications
We also perform refurbishment of linacs.

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